Meet Val


My name is Valerie Ceballos.  My friends all call me "Val", and I love that.

To say I'm crazy over animals is a bit of an understatement!  Just ask my friends, family or my more than patient and understanding husband, Jarek.  I grew up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, in the gorgeous state of Colorado and spent the most impressionable parts of my youth surrounded by God's majesty and wilderness and lived in constant adventure.  Growing up was like living in a fairy tale!  I hand fed a group of wild deer out of my bedroom window every night at dusk.  They would line up and wait their turn to dig in on some oats or fresh fruit.  We would pass coyotes and foxes crossing the road on the way to gymnastics practice.  Mountain lions would stand guard in the pine trees and it wasn't uncommon to pass a bear on the way to get gas.  After the family goldfish passed away and it ruined my life, our parents decided that it would be okay to get a dog. 

And life went from best to better!

The question, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" haunted me.  Like most of us making that incredible life decision at the clueless age of eighteen years old...I wanted to do a million things.  

I always knew I had a purpose to be a voice for animals.  

I was also always running off with my parents camera...and the film camera's from yearbook class, to capture the unposed and natural life happening all around me.  Cross-country road trips would turn into photo shoots with whoever I was with and often times the same would happen on my solo adventures.  I was hooked.  It just took years to put two and two together.

I would get in trouble when I was little for bringing squirrels inside the house... or the magpie that I thought would want to hang out and fly down the hall with me instead of his buddies outside.  In high school and college, when I found myself spending my "Life Guard" paychecks on hotels, or ended up sleeping in my Jeep because I wasn't allowed to bring yet another stray home to my sweet parent's house...I realized that animal rescue was something I was more than passionate about and needed to do something about.  

The years following, I've been fortunate to study zoology with an emphasis in the veterinary realm, work in zoos, several veterinary hospitals and emergency clinics, in wildlife rehabilitation and transport care, and I have met and been blessed with friendships of a million amazing people, vet techs and doctors along the way.

My mission now has been made so clear.  I get to photograph animals for a living.  I can finally be a voice to those who cannot communicate to us with our own human words...through them.  Photography is my tool for getting homeless animals into their forever homes.  It acts as my way to aid to the outstanding and selfless rescues across the globe to achieve the funds they need to keep on doing what they do best.  Serve, steward, and give back.  You can know that through me, you are also helping to give back to the countless life-giving, rescue and hero organizations in need!  It's a win-win all around!!!

As my client, I can promise you that I will capture the very essence of your animal's soul, personality and your everyday life together.  I will deliver to you, images that will be treasured and adored a lifetime.  We will have so much fun, laugh a ton, and share a lot of treats!!


I cannot wait to meet you and your best furry friends and bring you along for the ride!!

Love Paws!