Hebbard's Hedgehog Hotel & Hedgehog Awareness Spring 2015

Here we are in May already, with flowers blooming like crazy all over the UK, and love in the air as all of the wildlife is busy with their budding families!  Quoting Walt Disney, all of our little garden visitors are happy and "twitter pated!" 

There is one little pokey neighbor with a hot and sassy little haircut you may or may not have seen yet.  Not many have, but I sure do hope you're one of the lucky ones!! I can only be talking about your friendly, garden-dwelling, shy little hedgehog! While we are at the tail end of "Hedgehog Awareness Week", I really push to have "awareness week" last throughout the next several months and beyond.  At least as a very permanent mindset of helping to the best we can, take steps to make their success for countless more generations successful!

What many in the UK and around the world don't know or understand, is just what a fragile state these sweet little spikes are in.  There are countless articles and news stories that go in to detail with numbers and research if you're interested, but for something that will stick out in your mind, just remember that with how incredibly fast and steady hedgehogs have declined in the past 50 years, we are set to loose these sweet sweeties forever by 2025 if this trend continues.  That just rips my heart up! That means it's time we step up and work hard for our little garden friends! 

With the sad, there is always the good, and more good than I can say shines through a sweet soul I'd like you to know about.  I was so proud and honored to work with rescue founder, Carol Hebbard of Hebbard's Hedgehog Hotel in Little Downham, learning more about the massive and incredible rescue effort she is doing to help save our little spikes!!  For years she has been caring for injured and orphaned hedgehogs, brought to her through various avenues. She over-winters them during their hibernation to make sure they are getting to the correct body weigh to hibernate, get's them the veterinary care they typically need up front, and cares for them individually like a full time nurse at a hospital.  Talk about a woman of many hats! Apart from dozens of healthy and soon to be or recently released hedgehogs, she currently has in her care, several blind hedgies, who are happy and otherwise healthy but will need assistance their whole lives.  This woman is incredible! And she is dedicated! For the lucky healthy ones that can be returned to the wild in the spring, she organizes safe release points where they will have a successful future, in a safer place and healthier state than which they came!  She leaves them better than she found them. And to say it like it is: Carol, is making a difference! I am so proud to spotlight her great work!

It goes without saying, but to run a rescue of this magnitude out of your own pocket, donations are a necessity.  Scampers in Soham, has food donation boxes set up for Spikes Hedgehog food, that go towards Carol's hungry little hogs!  So if you are out that way, make sure to drop a couple of tins or bags of Spikes off in the box for Carol's hotel! But in order to take in another lot this spring and going forward into fall when it gets crazy busy with rescues again, her rescue is relying on donations for the housing necessary to do so. I'll link to it, but will be setting up a donation box, where you may donate any small or large amount to Carol and her efforts to save our Hedgehogs! Any little bit helps! You may also donate directly to Carol.  For any doners who have a scheduled Pet Portrait session with me, I will discount your session fee for the amount of the donation made.

Carol is a down to earth,  incredible soul, and has in her care, some of the cuuuutest little hedgies around, who might I add, really worked it for the camera! You'll just absolutely melt when you see their modeling!! We broke out the little studio, and these sweeties were eager to get to work! You can ever see mustered up a few smiles!!! 

I want you to see the personalities of these buddies.  They are shy, and incredibly defenseless when it really comes to it, but they are so needed in our eco-system, they are a gardener's best friend, they are friendly, and man, are they cute! Look in to these eyes, laugh at their cute smiles! Don't they have a lot of love to offer the world!? 

See for yourself!


Thank you Carol!!! And be sure to check out the donation box below! GBP and USD currencies are accepted! 

Love Paws, Val