Meet Dora! Isn't she a true pearl?! Dora came in to Retired Greyhound Trust, retired from her days of racing and has been waiting, and waiting and waiiiiiiting and waiting so patiently for someone to fall in love with her and make her their best friend forever.  She has seen her other friends come and go, and every night is going to sleep in a kennel alone, when she only dreams of hogging your couch, your heart or your bed and wrapping those long pretty legs around you instead! 

Come meet Dora! She will be at the big Greyhound Extravaganza next Sunday in Newmarket looking to lick you and show you how well she walks on her lead, and how beautiful she is, inside and out! Come for the day, leave with Dora! She'll be your sweet little soul mate forever!!! 

Adopt Dora this Sunday and win a half hour free photo session and a discount on all prints!