WAZZA. Someone I'd like you to...Love forever

Are you looking for someone to come into your life who will share the other half of the couch with you, keep your feet warm at night, snooze your Saturday morning's away by your side and just be your best friend forever and ever? 

Well then...YOU, my friend are in LUCK! You've met your match!

Meet my friend "Wazza".  Your best friend for life, and total couch potato at heart. 

Wazza is a retired racing greyhound, who's spent the majority of his life sleeping alone at night in a kennel.  He escaped his fate of most likely being shot and disposed of when he was no longer of use to his racing trainer, and was amazingly rescued by the Retired Greyhound Trust.  At one point he was adopted and loved his life in a home with a family, but so sadly, about 7 months ago, was returned to RGT at no fault of his own at all.

This gentleman is a little shy at first, as we all would be if we were him.  But I promise you one thing.  After one morning walk and a handful of "cookies" and praises, he's easily your best friend! Your heart has melted to a puddle and you're in trouble! You know what they say, about time and love! 

And want to hear something awful and sad? Well, "Wazza" has been told he'll never be adopted because he's "too old"..and that no one will want him.  I like to think of him as a healthy, 12 years young! Let's put the shamers to shame and get him adopted!

Here's to you, you handsome chap! Team Wazza! 


If you've fallen in love and want to meet "Wazza", conact the Retired Greyhound Trust, Mildenhall Branch.  Ann is absolutely incredible, and is the main point of contact.  

You can reach her by visiting here: http://mildenhall.retiredgreyhounds.co.uk/Contact/

I will offer a free photo session for Wazza and his new family!

Let's find this sweet old soul a home!