April 2015 - Rescue Of The Month


It's to my great excitement and privilege to announce that this month's featured rescue is the "Retired Greyhound Trust".  

Founded in 1975, they are going on 40 years of constant dedication and hard work to place retired racing greyhounds into the arms and hearts of people and families who will just treasure and love these sweet souls for the rest of their days.  They have worked tirelessly to see a count of over 60,000 dogs adopted post their racing career, and that number has grown increasingly since 2010.  With branches all across the UK, and events going on almost every month, I urge you to get out and meet with one of your local branches to get to know the dogs, or get involved volunteering.

It's been incredible learning SO much about these incredible pups.  If you want to play a game of "myth busters" - then let's start talking greyhounds. 

For example...if you've never been around or met a greyhound...you probably have this crazy idea in your head that they are SO full of energy constantly, needing to race like a cheetah all day and unless you're fit to be a marathon runner, you could never keep up with owning one.

EH! (Insert game-show buzzer sound here)...WRONG! These buddies have done their time on the track...While they love it when the leash comes out and it's time for a walk like all dogs, what they love most is snoozing the day away on your favorite couch or bed or whatever else is soft and accommodating nearby.  But when you watch them run and chase the Kong in the backyard or dog park, I promise you a sight more glorious than your eyes can behold.

Grey's make incredible, gentle pets and have well earned the title "40 mile per hour couch potato".  They are endearing, loving and affectionate babies, that will smile and snuggle right into your heart in two seconds.

Another myth: Greyhounds can't live with small pets, cats, dogs

Inset buzzer noise here too...So let's tackle this idea of small pets and cats.  While some cannot be placed with smaller pets or cats, a good majority, up to 80% can be placed with either or.   Much of this comes down to the particular personality of that dog, like most any dog, as well as their prior training, etc.  I read a great article that really speaks to this clearly.  If you are thinking of adopting any sighthound, I highly recommend this quick and informative read. http://www.greytdogs.org/greyhounds-and-cats/ 

I spent the late morning with Ann and the gang, with the Mildenhall rescue branch of RGT, and I got to meet a good majority of the pups who are just aching to find a place in your heart and on your couch!  So, are you ready to meet some faces that I hope you'll never forget!

Okay!!!! Close your eyes and count to 10!!!! 













It was just the very best day hanging out with these buddies! We would like to thank Scampers in Soham for carrying the Orijen treats and dry food samples that kept each pup in happy spirits with happy tastebuds for their photo shoot!  Also, "thank you" to Traci Clarke of "Hound Designs" for the adorable snood! A portion of proceeds in each purchase of her gorgeous handmade snood's goes into greyhound rescue funding as well and you can purchase her snoods and collars on eBay or her website !!

Much love and stay tuned for adoption updates and next months featured rescue!!!


xx - Valley