Miss Rosie is one of the sweetest "mutts" you could ever have the pleasure of meeting!  From the moment I heard of her and her story,  I couldn't wait to just hop on a plane and jet-set off to steal kisses from this love bug in person!

At the young little age of just two months old, Rosie was found by a "do-gooder" (I'd like to shake that person's hand!) stumbling around a rough part of town, in a trailer park outside of an Indian Reservation area in Thief River Falls, Minnesota.  Now, I don't know if you know much about Thief River Falls, but it's only about 70 miles south of the Canadian border and the winters can be described in one word.  Harsh.  Let alone for a tiny, wobbly, little two month old pup in the middle of December, where the average temperature for the month that year was a bloomin' 4°F, not counting the wind chill and more common than not, sitting around -15°F!  (That's past the -20°C mark for all my UK'ers)!!

 Brr! I'm cold just thinking about it!

She was taken to Thief River's own, Pennington County Humane Society, where she came up with a clean bill of health.  All of her New Year dreams came true in February, when Kaylee and Danko caught wind of her story through a friend working rescue up there, and then saw her picture on the PCHS website.  If you have never been a believer of "love at first sight" now you can be.  One look at her picture, and they knew it was love and totally meant to be.  Next thing you know, they were on the phone with the Humane Society in one hand, letting them know they were coming for her, and packing up a bag in the other.  They left before the Sun even had time to think that people might even consider waking up, and started the five hour trek up north from Minneapolis to go scoop her up and bring her home.  She slept the entire way back on mama's lap, totaling around 600 miles and ten hours roundtrip, and is one of the most loved, and beautiful puppies roaming the earth today.  Love waits, and travels far! 

Rosie will be two in September and no doubt spoiled with the best squeak toys and treats a girl could ask for.  Get ready to "oooh and ahh" at this sweet face!



And if you're in the "midwest" area of the United States, check out the sweeeeet babies that are currently up for adoption at the Pennington County Humane Society!  I wish that I could keep them all!!  Your one true love might just be sitting there waiting for you too! So hurry up :)

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